New family member, Goma

After we lost Mochi in April, we started fostering senior dogs from Muttville in San Francisco. Muttville rescues senior dogs only, 7 years and up. When I saw Goma, a schnoodle, he reminded me of Mochi and wanted to adopt him. He is 13yo, owner surrender for his multiple medial issues. He is almost blind, deaf and his legs are very weak for some reason, so he can’t go down stairs. He also has a huge mass that is attached to his abdominal muscle.

But he is happy to get some of the food we are eating and loves to play. He also loves to go for a very short walk. But most of all, he just loves to be home.

Due to his medical issues, he is in hospice program at Muttville, but he has been with us for 7 mo already, so we could not be happier.

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