Welcome to my website!

First of all, there are some nude photos on Black & White photo gallery, so please be aware.

Although I enjoy photographing portraits in general, I especially enjoy studio or on location photos with dramatic lighting. You can see examples here.

I am currently NOT accepting traditional family portrait session request.  But if you have a unique family portrait ideas, I would love to hear from you!

I also love working with animals.  Not only do I take pet portraits, I also volunteer as a cat photographer at Peninsula Humane Society.  So if you are thinking about cats, follow Peninsula Humane Society Facebook fan page!
And, of course, I am always taking pictures of my dog, Mochi and his friends.

Other things I enjoy are hiking with my family (my husband and dog), baking, paper craft, gardening, painting, knitting, sewing and exercising with videos.

I listed local businesses I work with here.  I love supporting local businesses and the community, so please check them out!